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Answers to Your Frequently
Asked Questions

Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc. has partnered with Midland Credit Management (MCM) to service its accounts. If there are any questions about your Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc. account, MCM can help.

Payment Questions

How do I make a payment to Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc.?

Midland Credit Management, Inc. services accounts for Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc. and offers a variety of different payment options.

Can I talk to someone before I make a payment?

Assistance & Verification Questions

I’m not sure this debt belongs to me. What should I do?

Can I get more information about this debt online?

My credit report says my account was “Charged-Off”. Do I still need to pay the debt?

Yes, a “charged-off” account is an accounting designation from the original creditor. You are still responsible for the account balance.

Does Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc. own your Account?

Midland Credit Management is servicing your account. Log in to the MCM website to get your account history and details, plus flexible payment options – no account number needed.


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